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We are finding, coaching and training public media’s next generation. Six talented student journalists enrolled at northern California colleges and universities are participating in this state-of-the-art training week in California’s Capitol. This #nextgenradio project is created in partnership with Capital Public Radio, Sacramento State University.

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Finding housing after an eviction:
The need for a second chance

Jessica Lamar struggles to find housing with an eviction on her record. | By Elizabeth Castillo

Four months ago, Jessica Lamar had no idea where she would live. She learned that one of her kids would need round-the-clock care. Six of her other children were bouncing around from house to house living with her friends. Lamar was homeless with no housing prospects, because of a previous eviction.

Warehouse Artists Lofts Offer Affordable Community for Sacramento Artists

Low Cost Living at the WAL Gives Tyler Campbell An Opportunity to Pursue his Music | By Nour Coudsi

Housing assistance still has a long way to go

Housing in Sacramento can be challenging for young adults with a history of homelessness. Twenty-year-old Eroz Burse shares his journey.
By Hilda Flores

From High School To A Homeless Shelter

With housing nearly impossible to find, many Millennials are staying with their parents. But those without stable homes have nowhere to go. Natasha Matú and Colin Ray Jackson share their experiences with homelessness. | By Isabella Lord

More young adults than ever are staying with their parents after high school. Many parents are willing to take in their children, no matter their age, but there are thousands of Millennials who are estranged from their family and don’t have a choice.

Despite Financial Help, Some College Students Can’t Find Housing In Sacramento

Rebecca Rodriguez has two weeks to find a place, and nowhere to go. She is one of about 48,000 California State University students without reliable housing. | By Laura Tsutsui

"You would think with financial aid, plus scholarships and loans, that I should be able to comfortably afford to live somewhere and go to school without having to worry." Rebecca Rodriguez has to move by the end of the month, and nowhere to go.

‘We Don’t Have a Mortgage — It’s Fantastic’

This family of six considered buying a home in Sacramento, but steered away due to high housing prices. They now live in a RV as an affordable alternative.
By David Rodriguez

A week filled with twists, turns and scares

A week filled with twists, turns and scares

The real work on this Next Generation Radio project began on day two. It turned out to be full of very helpful lessons. As I worked to find my source, the hours were passing and many of the phone calls were unsuccessful. No callbacks, tons of voicemails, leads falling...

From Listening to Audio Pieces, to Producing One!

From Listening to Audio Pieces, to Producing One!

I started the Next Generation Radio program four days ago without any experience in audio production. Today, I can say that I have a much better idea on how a radio piece is constructed, mixed together, edited and re-edited. I can also say that I have experience in...

Hilda’s Blog: A sneak peek inside the hectic NextGen week

Hilda’s Blog: A sneak peek inside the hectic NextGen week

Going into NPR's Next Generation project I knew it would be difficult, but I don't think I was prepared for all the work we ended up doing in a mere 5 days. After finishing the week, I feel really proud of all the work I was able to complete in such a short time....

Plan C: The Delta

Plan C: The Delta

When all else fails and knocking on doors and taking names actually works. Never in my reporting experience have I driven an hour away from the “newsroom” hoping to find a story. That’s exactly what my mentor, a NextGen audio engineer, the NextGen digital designer,...

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