I started the Next Generation Radio program four days ago without any experience in audio production. Today, I can say that I have a much better idea on how a radio piece is constructed, mixed together, edited and re-edited. I can also say that I have experience in creating one!

Coming from a theoretical media studies program, I had no experience with audio production. I have never used Audition and definitely never mixed an audio piece before. Within a week, the NGR program went over all aspects of production; pre-production, interviewing, post-production, photography, and many storytelling techniques.

This week, I worked with my mentor Erika Beras, and the rest of the NGR team, on a multimedia radio story from beginning to end. We started the week pitching some ideas, and we went through all aspects of production and storytelling until we got to publishing our own stories.
A month from now, I will be going to three refugee camps in Greece where I will collect content for a podcast project for MarHub, a crowdsourced information platform helping refugees in Europe better understand their asylum process. I’m looking forward to putting short audio pieces during my team’s trip to Greece this December and to implementing what I have learned during this week.

Upon returning to Damascus, my hometown, I really hope to be among those who will be bringing “the podcast culture” to the country and the region. Now that I have spent a week with radio producers, I have learned a lot about this “culture.”

I am positive that the NGR program experience has already  enhanced my journalism skills, taught me a lot about how to better report then present stories on the web and engage wider audiences.